GRAIN Grain Strength
Value Proposition
  • As 1st indonesia company who supply electric vehicle sparepart 1st mover
  • Electricity as energy is cheaper than non subsidize fuel in Indonesia
  • Over capacity of electricity in Indonesia than fuel which is defisit in productivity
  • Innovative product which is more efficient in energy consumption and has competitive price
  • Reduce polution because using electricity nor fuel Green Energy
  • Government insentif and subsidize for import tax 
    competitive price

Design Engineering Integrated System

Corporate Operation System

1. ERP Online ORACLE system

Integrated from finance, distribution, manufacturing and project.

2. Company Online Barcode system

To trace and control work in process product until finished on the right place, right time, right quantity and right quality.

ERP Complete Integration system ( Based on ORACLE )

DCP Oracle Complete Integration

Company Online Barcode System