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About us
Great Asia Link is 100% subsidiary of Bukit Jaya Group, a group company which has been established since 1975 with a core competency in the field of steel with PT. Dutacipta Pakarperkasa as a subsidiary of Bukit Jaya Group in the steel manufacturing industry. Dutacipta Pakarperkasa was established in 1982 as steel fabricator company with many projects in all province in Indonesia. With 120.000 m2 factory area in Waru Gunung and expansion 300.000 m2 area in kedung anyar, with total employee 1500 persons. Our product vary from Light to Heavy Steel Structure "with total production capacity 136,000 ton/year" such as Transmission Line, Telecommunication Towers, Bridges, High Rise Building, Plant Structures, Conveyor, etc. and also Steel Platework Manufacturing, and Finishing Facilities such as Hot Dip Galvanizing & Shot Blast. We also produce Innovative product such as Modular House & Modular Parking. We’re very proud that DCP has been handled many prestigious infrastructure project in Indonesia such as Ngurah Rai Bali, Kualanamu medan, Sepinggan Kalimantan, and Juanda Surabaya International airports, also PLN Power Plants such as Rembang, Pacitan, Lontar, Asam – asam Kalimantan, and the highest transmission project in Indonesia Palaran – Sambutan which is across Mahakam river in Kalimantan. Riau Stadium is also big project which is built by DCP. With many experience in steel industry and follow the history from one of the biggest steel manufacture in the world and the biggest automotive manufacture in India TATA. Now DCP has built automotive division which is handling Great Asia Link ( GRAIN ) assembly production. DCP automotive division total capacity is around 80.000 car / year including automatic and manual assembly line.


          Great Asia Link is electric car company and single distributor of DCP automotive assembly which is centered in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. The Company is the first commercial electric car company in Indonesia with national brand ELVI. Our core business is on electric car single distributor of DCP with total capacity is around 80.000 car / year , electric sparepart distributor and electric car dealer & workshop franchises. With the spread of our business group network and agency ini 34 province in Indonesia, our dream to be electric vehicle pioneer is being realized to be coming true.


          ELVI is our national brand of electric cars, which has eight types of car: ELVI LEVI is APV (All Purpose Vehicle) type, ELVI HEVI is Pick Up type, ELVI HIVI is City Car type, ELVI SUVI is SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) type, ELVI SMARTVI is Small City Car, ELVI Jayvi is City Public Transport, ELVI BUSVI is Bus type and ELVI MINIBUSVI is Minibus type. The average for our electric cars with one full battery capable for 120 km mileage with 6-8 hours of charging.


Vision & Mission


Vision :
To become Indonesia’s leading fabricator of electric vehicles in the world.
Mission :
To be market leader in electric sparepart fabricator and electric car modificator in order to gain economy of scale for being more competitive in the market

Company Stucture Organization

Organization Structure 

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